Scrip Needs Support from Your Administration

Before you start your scrip program, you’ll need support from your administration. If it’s your job to convince them to start scrip fundraising, you’re in luck: they’ll be ready to start immediately when they hear how effective it is.
We’ve made a few resources available online to give you a head start sharing the good news about scrip. First off, our “What is Scrip?” video offers a straightforward rundown of what scrip is and how it works. Clocking in at under two minutes, you won’t lose anyone’s attention showing this during a meeting! In addition to that, we have a few other videos ranging from the explaination of different scrip concepts to testimonials from happy scrip shoppers. Scrip is fundraising while you shop, just an alternative way to pay for your household purchases, and we want to make it easy for you to explain.
While you’re making the case for scrip, print out and pass around a few of our promotional flyers for your administration to look over. Our Scrip Info Flyer covers all the basics, our ShopWithScrip flyers go over all the tools and online products available to families on ShopWithScrip, and charts like that on our Potential Earnings flyer will give your audience a preview of all the rebates your organization could be raking in with scrip.

Just remember, when proposing a scrip program to your organization, make sure to hit these key points:
  • Scrip is fundraising while you shop. Instead of paying for household purchases with cash or credit cards, families order gift cards from your organization and use those for their shopping instead. Your organization earns a rebate on each card.
  • No selling needed. Families won’t feel obligated to buy cookie dough, wrapping paper, or more extra stuff they don’t need just to help with fundraising.
  • You can raise funds with scrip all year long. Unlike other fundraisers that run once or twice a year, scrip can be available always. Plus, GLSC runs many promotions throughout the year, so families can take advantage of bonus rebates or chances to win prizes.
  • Families can order scrip for almost anything. We have hundreds of different retailers available in categories like gas, groceries, clothing, restaurants, home improvement, and more, so families can find scrip for almost all their shopping. You can even recruit your favorite local retailers to participate in scrip.
  • Everyone can participate. Everyone buys necessities like gas and groceries. Even if families only use scrip for the basics, they’ll still be contributing.
Introduce your administration to scrip fundraising and you’ll have your program up and running in no time! If you have any questions you need to clear up before making your proposal, just give our helpful New Customer Support Team a call at:
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