Choose a Superstar Coordinator for Scrip Success

A scrip coordinator has the important job of running your scrip program, helping families with any questions they have, and also motivating families to start shopping with scrip. Some of the key responsibilities of a coordinator include:
  • Setting your program’s ordering and delivery schedule. A coordinator decides when and how often you place organization orders. It’s helpful to set a consistent schedule for families on your timetable.  Your schedule for organization orders will determine when your delivery from Great Lakes Scrip Center® will arrive, and you can set the day for distribution of gift cards back to your families. 
  • Ordering and maintaining an inventory. If your program keeps an inventory of gift cards on hand, the coordinator is usually the person responsible for ordering the stock of gift cards, and keeping a tally of inventory at all times.
  • Teaching families about scrip. If families in your organization have questions, the first person they’re going to ask is your coordinator. We have many resources available on this site for coordinators to learn everything they need to know about scrip, and our Customer Support Team is always available to help too.
These are a few of a coordinator’s biggest responsibilities. Ultimately, the ideal scrip coordinator will be passionate about fundraising for your organization.