Add money to your reloadable cards to keep on earning

Physical gift cards that are reloadable can be added to your wallet to reload funds when needed. Earn with gift cards you already have, anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of reloadable cards

  • Keep shopping with gift cards you’ve already purchased from ShopWithScrip by adding funds on the spot—like at the gas pump or in the grocery store checkout line.

  • Get reloadable cards delivered to your door using the ship to home option, available exclusively in the RaiseRight™ mobile app.

  • Don’t wait for new cards to get shipped to your coordinator.

  • Easily keep track of the money you’ve added with your Wallet.

How to shop this card type

  • In the RaiseRight app: Choose a category, then Filter > Product Type > Gift Card > Reloadable.

  • On Choose Card Type > Reload.

How to add money

  • In the RaiseRight app: Go to your Wallet > Add Card > enter gift card details.

  • On Go to Dashboard > My Wallet > Reloads tab and verify your gift card.

Current listing of brands that offer reloadable gift cards:

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