Earn Anytime, Anywhere on Your Phone

Discover how easy earning is with MyScripWallet.com, ShopWithScrip’s mobile website. Shop from your phone wherever you are, so ordering gift cards always fits right into your busy schedule—and raising money is even more convenient.


Whether you are on-the-go or at home, you have everything you need to earn, always within arm’s reach.

Shop all card types

Easily order gift cards, eGift cards, and add money to reloadable cards from 750+ top brands.

When you purchase eGift cards or add money to a reloadable card, you will receive an email confirmation and a link to access them on either ShopWithScrip.com on desktop or MyScripWallet.com on your phone. They can also be found on your phone in the “Wallet” tab.

Pay online

Link your bank account or pay with a credit card to get immediate access to eGift cards and add money to reloadable cards anytime, anywhere.

Save favorites

Use filters to search brands and add them to your Favorites for quick access.

Browse bonuses

Easily scroll through bonuses, which are updated every week, on the % Bonuses tab.

Manage purchases

View your gift cards, check card balances, and more right from your Wallet on the home screen when you log in.

Get Started

Just type www.MyScripWallet.com into the browser and you can log in using your ShopWithScrip account username and password.  If you haven’t set up an account yet, you can do this within MyScripWallet as well.  Simply click on ‘Create An Account” and follow the set-up steps.


You can save the site to your phone, just like an app on your home screen, to earn even faster:

On Apple devices: select  on the bottom of the screen, then "Add to Home Screen" and then "Add."

On Android/Google devices: open the options menu  , then select "Add to Home Screen."