Manage Your Gift Cards

All eGift cards and registered reloadable cards are stored on our RaiseRight mobile app and on


Select Go to Dashboard > Family Functions > Wallet from your dashboard to see your eGift cards and information on registered reloadable cards.

Your eGift cards are divided into three categories on the eGift card tab:

  1. Unclaimed eGift Cards: eGift cards you’ve ordered but haven’t viewed yet.

  2. Viewed eGift Cards: eGift cards you’ve ordered and viewed. If you don’t use the full value at one time, click the amount listed under ‘Balance’ to get the balance or enter the balance.

    • Tip: When the card is fully used, click ‘Hide’ to remove the eGift card from view.

  3. Delivered eGift Cards: This is where you can see all the eGifts you’ve sent. The recipient is listed with their email address, along with your chosen delivery date and delivery confirmation.

From the Reload tab you can register a new card or manage the list of registered cards. Click a card’s name to view the card’s number, enter or retrieve its balance, change the name, or reload it.

On Our RaiseRight Mobile App

Head to your Wallet to manage your eGift cards and reloadable gift cards.

  • Track the balance of your eGift cards and reloadable cards

  • View and use your eGift cards, even when you’re offline

  • Organize and quickly find the ones you use most

  • Archive eGift cards with a $0.00 balance

  • Register new reloadable cards and add money to them