Enable PrestoPay for Easy Online Family Payments

Give your families a better way to pay for their orders and enable Online Payments (PrestoPay™) for your program. Through PrestoPay, families can securely link their bank account to their ShopWithScrip® account. Then families can choose to have their bank account electronically debited for the entire amount of their ShopWithScrip order when they check out online. Your organization receives credit for the amount the family paid on your next order, and you don’t have to handle any cash or checks.
For a small convenience fee of only $0.15 per order, families can order and pay for scrip any time even on-the-go with MyScripWallet™. But the real magic of PrestoPay is helping families get their virtual scrip quicker than ever. When a family uses PrestoPay, their Reload orders process faster, and they receive their ScripNow® eCards in a matter of minutes. On top of that, PrestoPay is also completely secure. Each family creates a secret PIN to use at checkout to keep their account protected.

Note: To allow families to use PrestoPay your organization must use ACH billing to pay Great Lakes Scrip Center®. This service is provided by the Automated Clearing House (ACH), a nationwide network of banks, financial institutions, businesses and millions of customers. When you authorize ACH payment, Great Lakes Scrip Center debits your organization’s bank account for the exact amount of your order on the day your order is placed. If you want to switch your organization to ACH payment, please complete the Payment Change Form.