Keeping Your Program Safe

As your scrip program grows, it's important to ensure the security of your organization and its members. Your organization is responsible for all the payments you accept through paper checks and PrestoPay™, so you want to make sure you know everyone ordering scrip through your program. Sometimes it's tough to keep track of everyone, but it's important to maintain a balance between welcoming new families and watching for strangers who might take advantage of your trust. By taking these simple precautions, you can keep your organization's orders coming without a hitch!
  • Keep your ShopWithScrip® enrollment code secure. We all want to grow our scrip programs, and it seems logical to share the enrollment code online where as many people as possible can have access to it. However, if your enrollment code is posted online, scammers can easily find it, pose as a new family, and place phony orders. When the fraudster's payment doesn't clear, your organization is responsible for the entire cost of the order. Rather than post your enrollment code online, ask families to email you for the code, or distribute it in person directly to them.  And don't forget to keep your enrollment code out of newsletters or bulletins that are posted on your organization's website.
    • You can also utilize the Invite Families Via Email tool on your Dashboard which doesn’t require you to share the enrollment code. With this tool, you can add potential families to a list and send them an email that has information about scrip and a link to enroll in your program. Once they follow that link, they are added to your program.
  • Watch organization activity. Through ShopWithScrip, you can set up notifications so you'll receive an email any time a new family signs up using your organization's enrollment code.  Check to see if you recognize new families, and investigate if you don't. If anyone claims to be related to someone in the program, verify it before approving them.
  • Verify the identity of new PrestoPay families. You need to be sure that a family who signs up for PrestoPay is related to your organization before approving them. If you don’t know them personally, ask questions such as their student’s name, who they are related to, and how they found out about your program. Verify the answers before you allow them to use PrestoPay. Please click here to read more about your organization’s responsibilities when approving families to use PrestoPay.
If you ever wonder if your enrollment code has been compromised, you can change it right on your Dashboard. Click the Change Enrollment Code link and we will automatically assign you a new code. Changing your code will not effect current families, and will only be required for new families to register.