How Your Earnings Get to You

Money can flow between your program, families, and Great Lakes Scrip Center in a few different ways.

If families pay by check, you will collect that check from the family for the full face value, and then pay GLSC the reduced net amount. This way, your organization receives the rebate as soon as you place your order with GLSC.

If families pay with PrestoPay, our secure online payment, system, this process works a little differently:
  • When they order physical cards, their PrestoPay payment will be reflected in your purchase order when you checkout as a "PrestoPay Credit." The family pays the full face value directly to GLSC through PrestoPay, and your organization order total is reduced by the amount of their payment. This way, your organization receives the value of their rebate as soon as you submit your purchase order.
  • When they place auto orders for ScripNow, Reload, or ReloadNow, their PrestoPay payment goes directly to GLSC. For auto orders, we track all the rebates earned by families in your organization and make one weekly deposit into your organization's bank account. To keep track of these deposits, an "Auto Orders PrestoPay Deposit Slip" report is available from the Reports page.

No matter which way your families choose to pay, your organization always receives the same rebate. For example: One of your families orders one $100 gift card with a 3% rebate.

  • If they pay by check for physical cards or online products, they will write you a $100 check, and you will pay GLSC $97.

  • If they pay for a physical card with PrestoPay, your organization pays $97 for the card, and your organization order total is reduced by the family's $100 payment.

  • If they pay for ScripNow, Reload, or ReloadNow with PrestoPay, their $100 payment will come directly to GLSC, and the $3 rebate will be included in the weekly deposit we make to your organization's account.