Changing Family PrestoPay Orders

As coordinator, you can change a family's PrestoPay order from the Order Queue. When you see their order under "Family PrestoPay Orders," its status will be listed as Not Billed, Billed, or Credited.

The order's status determines how much you can change it.
  • Not Billed - You can delete this order, or edit it as long as the total is less or remains the same.
  • Billed - You can edit this order as long as the total remains exactly the same.
  • Credited - You can edit this order as long as the total remains exactly the same.

Click the Edit button next to the order's status to view all the products included in that order.

Click Delete Order to delete the whole order, or click the X next to one product to delete it. You can only delete an order if its status is listed as Not Billed.

You can also edit the products in an order. Change the amount of a product under Quantity. You can add products to an order by clicking the green + button, but you will not be able to add any products if doing so would increase the original total if it's Not Billed, or change the original total at all if it's Billed or Credited. For a Billed or Credited order, you can remove products and add others as long as the resulting final total is the same.

Any time you change a Not Billed order, you will see a warning that if you decrease the total, you will not be able to increase it again.

When you're finished click Save, or click Cancel to exit the process at any time.