Add Local Retailers to Your Program

Everyone has their favorite local mom n’ pop stores, and the scrip shoppers in your program are no exception. In addition to the hundreds of national retailers available on, you may have the power to offer families scrip from their favorite locally-owned shops.
You have the option to manage your local suppliers in ShopWithScrip, track all gift card sales and rebates earned, and even create purchase orders.

As coordinator, you’ll be responsible for proposing scrip participation to the local retailer, reaching an agreement on rebate and purchasing details, and acquiring and distributing gift cards.
Local Retailers

Talk to Local Retailers
Hopefully, local retailers will be invested in your community and jump at the chance to help your organization with some fundraising, while drumming up some new business from your members. Local business owners are often willing to participate in scrip because they might be a member of your church, or have a child enrolled in your school!
Local Retailers
It helps to create a standard form letter you send to local businesses, and create a list to keep track of who you’ve talked to.

Click here for a sample letter you can customize and use for your own program. In that opening letter you want to explain how scrip works, how fundraising will benefit your organization, what you would need from them.

Figure Out the Details
The local retailer is responsible for setting your organization’s rebate percentage. You should recommend they look over the rebates for comparable retailers available through ShopWithScrip, and set their own percentage at a similar level. Tip: they can go to the Shop page on ShopWithScrip and narrow it down to retailers in their category. 
Either the coordinator, or another dedicated volunteer, should be responsible for stocking the retailer’s cards– both those ordered by families, and any you choose to keep on hand if you have an inventory. You will need to work with the retailer to plan a schedule, create a process for how you order and pick up cards, and set up a payment system.

Local Retailers
Maintain the Relationship
Once you start making partnerships with local retailers, don’t just leave it at that! Share your fundraising progress with them so they can see what their participation is going toward, and try to work with business owners to run promotions, sponsor events, and reward the families in your organization. Get your whole community working together to raise funds with scrip!