Your Program's History at Your Fingertips

ShopWithScrip offers several valuable types of reports, so you can track all the financial details you need to run your program. From the Reports page, you can generate detailed records for family and organization order history, rebate summaries, packing slips for family orders, and more. All this information is only a few clicks away, and you can pick dates to pull data from any selected time period. These are examples of just a few of the frequently run reports we have available:

Family Order Reports

Track face value and rebates earned on each family order, and see totals over any date range. Order reports can be run by payment type. This allows the organization to accurately reconcile family payments with orders and bank deposits.

Organization Purchase Order Reports

Track face value and rebates earned on organization Purchase Orders, as well as online payments credit applied from family orders. These reports enable the organization to reconcile their bank statements.

Packing Slip Reports

Print packing slips for each individual family order to ensure orders are filled accurately.

Family Rebate Reports

See rebates earned by family for any period. These reports can be used to apply credit to individual families for tuition.

Online Payment Auto Order Deposit Slip

See a breakdown of weekly deposits for rebates earned on auto orders, family orders containing eGift cards or money added to reloadable cards that are paid for with a credit card or linked bank account.