RaiseRight App Resources

Even easier fundraising with our mobile app, RaiseRight—it’ simply the right way to fundraise. Use the resources below to tell your families about the app. Share them online or hand them out in-person.


Email videos to your organization, share it on Facebook, and more. They are a great way to inspire new people to start earning.

Overview video | Simply the right way to fundraise



Quick Access

Earning Opportunities




Ship to Home

RaiseRight Overview - Compilation


Email or share the flyer online to tell families about the new RaiseRight app.

RaiseRight flyer

RaiseRight Flyer
inviting families

Invite Families - RaiseRight App Enrollment
Ship to home flyer

Ship to Home Flyer
Ship to home brand list

Ship to Home Brand List


Easily answer questions families have about the benefits of our RaiseRight app, if they can continue using MyScripWallet.com and ShopWithScrip.com, and more.

RaiseRight FAQs

RaiseRight FAQS
Ship to home FAQs

Ship to Home FAQS


Prefer to create your own program materials? Use these updated logos and images to update your website, share on Facebook, and more. 

ShopWithScrip Logo

ShopWithScrip Logo

Download (Web)
Download (Print)
Raiseright logo

RaiseRight Logo

Download (Web)
Download (Print)
Introducing RaiseRight

Introducing RaiseRight (Web)
Download Raiseright

Download RaiseRight

Download (Web)
Download (Print)
RaiseRight screen

App Screen (Web)


Use these messages in emails and more places you chat with families to encourage them to download the app.

RaiseRight messages

RaiseRight Messages