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Very Merry Holiday Fundraising

Tools and tips to help your organization make the biggest impact this season—and spread more joy in your community.


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Everyone loves getting gift cards as holiday gifts, plus they’re a great way to budget holiday spending and earn on every purchase. Use the resources below to invite people to raise money for your organization while crossing off their gift list.

Get more people earning

Here are some ways to sell gift cards to people who don’t usually participate in your gift card fundraising program. Plus, discover how to invite local businesses to buy gift cards from your organization during the holidays.

Carry an inventory for a limited time

Sell gift cards at in-person events, in the hallways, after meetings or practices, and more. It’s a great way to encourage people to buy gift cards, even if they don’t have an online account and don’t want to earn ongoing.

Place a bulk order to start your inventory. See our example packages for the brands and denominations we recommend having on hand.

Allow order-form ordering

Don’t want to carry inventory? Use order forms instead. Place them in high traffic areas like the main office or a busy hallway. Collect forms each week and place proxy orders for your participants. Just like bulk orders, participants don’t need an online account and don’t need to participate ongoing.

You can create a custom order form for your organization based on the brands your participants like to shop during the holidays.

Family Order Form >

Sell gift cards to businesses in your area

Gift cards make great holiday gifts for employees. Invite local businesses to purchase gift cards from your organization. It’s the better way to shop since they’re also supporting your community.


  1. Customize the letter below by including specific information about your organization and how opportunities are created for your participants through gift card fundraising.
  2. Deliver the letter to business owners or other contacts in your community. You can mail, email, or drop off the letter in person.
  3. If a business is interested in ordering gift cards or learning more, have them contact you directly. You can set them up as a 'proxy family' account so the earnings from their order are tracked separately.

Invite new participants to join and create an online account

Invite people to start shopping with gift cards, whether they want to earn ongoing or just for the holidays. When they create an online account, they get eGift cards immediately and access reloaded funds instantly.

Below are some tools you can use to easily encourage people to join your program.

Go to Invite Families via Email tool >
Simply paste email addresses to send an email with an overview of how gift card fundraising works and your organization’s unique enrollment code.

Word icon

Facebook message and post instructions >
Not a Facebook pro? No problem. Use the instructions and the post message provided for you.

Facebook image >
Post the image on your organization's Facebook page.

facebook post

Banner image >
Add it to emails, place it on your organization’s website, and more.

Facebook banner image

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Holiday shopping flyer >
Inspire people to do all their holiday shopping with gift cards.

Pro tip:

When people raise money, they like knowing exactly how their funds are being used. Be as specific as possible about what your organization’s earnings are being used toward, like new books for the classroom, the latest technology for your church, a scholarship fund, or something else.

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Inspire existing participants to earn more

Get people in the spirit of giving by providing additional ideas about how they can make gift cards a part of their holiday shopping.

The perfect gift for teachers

Participants can show their appreciation for their teachers with gift cards by treating them to a coffee, a calming candle, a new book, or something else to help them enjoy their holiday break.

Create an order form for teacher gifting >
Use the tool to create a form that’s full of popular brands specifically for teachers.

PDF icon

Holiday gift tags for teachers >
Give people the option to contribute money to a fund for teacher gifts, and have them fill in a gift tag so the teachers know who contributed.

The easy gift for anyone

Create gift card certificates to sell to participants that can be given to teachers, staff, and more, and allow them to select their own brand. When the recipient uses the gift certificate, the participant receives the earnings or it can go to a general fund.

Promote eGift cards

A great way to earn and use funds immediately. eGift cards are sent right to the participant’s account, so they don’t have to worry about any seasonal shipping delays. Encourage people in your organization to use eGift cards for all their spending, including decorations, gifts, meals, clothing, and more.

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eGifting tutorial flyer >
Share these simple steps with participants so they know how to save an eGift card as a printable PDF and send an eGift card as a gift on

Encourage participants to take advantage of special offers

Holiday bonuses, limited-time $5 and $10 gift cards, and more. Share the flyer to inform people in your organization about all the special earning opportunities happening this season. It also includes important shipping information.

Use incentives to increase participation

Some people need a little nudge to get earning. Here are some ways you can motivate participants using a giveaway, contest, and increased earnings %.

12 days of giftmas giveaway

People love free stuff. Every day for 12 days, you could have participants entered in a drawing for every gift card they buy. Pick a winner each day and give them a prize of your choosing.

Gift card sales contest

Inspire some friendly competition with a contest. The team, group, or individual that sells the most gift cards is rewarded with a pizza party, movie day, or something else that’s just as fun.

Share a higher % with participants for a limited time

Most organizations share earnings with participants so they can raise money for their own expenses, like tuition or travel costs. To get people excited, increase the % your organization shares with them during a set time this holiday season.

Discover how St. Mary Catholic Central raised $115,000 in one day by increasing the shared %.
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Unwrap earnings with the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Share it with participants, existing and new, to encourage everyone to use gift cards for all their holiday shopping and gifting. It’s a great way to spread joy and grow support this season.
Get the guide >