Order ScripNow Instantly for Spontaneous Shopping

You can order ScripNow® electronic gift cards (eCards) on your ShopWithScrip® account. Just print out ScripNow on your home printer and use it in stores just like a physical gift card, or you can use it for online shopping by entering the card number and PIN at the checkout page.

ScripNow is perfect for last-minute purchases, like dining out or a quick trip to the mall. You have access to the scrip you might need for any unplanned purchases, which is especially great when your scrip store isn’t open, your program is closed for a break, or your organization isn’t placing an order for another week. You can place your ScripNow order anywhere you can get online, whether that’s on your home computer or using MyScripWallet.com on your mobile device. Your eCards will be delivered directly to your ShopWithScrip account, and will be in your wallet at MyScripWallet.com.

Our ScripNow selection is growing all the time. You can see the complete list of available ScripNow brands by clicking on the Shop link at the top of the page, and select the ScripNow Card Type on the left, or viewing the ScripNow section on MyScripWallet™. Click here to see all the ScripNow eCards we have available. For most brands, you can even choose the denomination of the eCard. When you pay for your ScripNow order with PrestoPay™, it will process automatically in minutes, and we’ll deposit the rebate right into your organization’s account. Of course, you can also pay your coordinator by cash or check, and you will receive your eCard once they release the order.

You can also send ScripNow as a gift. It’s easy to customize the eGift with a personal note, and send it to anyone, anywhere, with an email address. There’s no need to risk sending gift cards in the mail when you can send a ScripNow eGift!