ScripNow eCards and Reload Info in the Wallet

Your Wallet, accessible from the Dashboard by clicking View ScripNow, contains all your ScripNow® eCards and information on registered reloadable cards.


Your ScripNow is divided into three different categories:
  • Unclaimed ScripNow. eCards you have ordered, but haven't accessed yet. Each entry lists the date you ordered it along with the value, and you can click the "View" link to open up your eCard to print or redeem it from your mobile device.
  • Viewed ScripNow. eCards you have already accessed. If you don't use the full value at one time, you can click the amount listed under "Balance" to enter the amount left on the eCard. When it's fully used, you can click "Hide" to remove the eCard from view. At any time, you can check the "Show Hidden" box to view all your hidden ScripNow.
  • Gifted ScripNow. Here you can see all the ScripNow you have sent as eGifts. The recipient is listed with their email address, along with your chosen delivery date and a confirmation once the eGift has been delivered.


Your Wallet also keeps track of all your reloadable cards, which you can view by selecting the Reloads tab. Click "Register a Card" to register a new card, or see the list of cards you've already registered below. Click a card's name to view the card's number, enter its balance, save the security PIN, change the name, or reload it.