An Overview of Family Ordering

We have 700 of your favorite brands on ShopWithScrip®, and there are a few great ways to find exactly what you are looking for!

Browse the Shop

Clicking Shop at the top of the page will open up our full selection of stores. You can use the filters on the left side of the page to look at certain categories, like home improvement or grocery, or refine your selection by rebate percentage and available denominations. Under Card Type, select ScripNow®, Reload, or Physical to just view products of that type. Use the sort option at the top to order them by the most popular, or by brand name to list them alphabetically. Hover your mouse over any of the logos to see that store’s rebate percentage and available card types.
Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our Special Offers ribbon on store logos to see bonuses! You can also click the Specials tab for a full list of current bonuses.

Express Order

Express Order is perfect if you already know exactly what you want to order. Just start typing the name of a store and you’ll see a list of their available products appear in the dropdown menu. Select what you want, choose a quantity, and we’ll add it right to your cart! You can keep track of everything you’ve already selected in the “Items Added” table.

Shopping Lists

Once you start using scrip for some of your regular shopping, you will probably be ordering many of the same products every week or two. With shopping lists, it’s a breeze to keep track of the scrip you order all the time! Click the Shopping Lists tab at the top to view your lists or create new ones. You can quickly select everything you want and add all items to your cart with one click. Once you have your lists set up, use the Reminders feature on your Dashboard to schedule email reminders so you'll never forget to place your order. You can create as many shopping lists as you want, keep your scrip ordering organized so you don’t forget any of your favorites!

View ScripNow (Wallet)

If you order virtual products, like ScripNow, Reload, or ReloadNow®, you can find all the information for those in your Wallet, accessible by clicking View ScripNow on the Dashboard. Here you can view and print ScripNow eCards, and see a history of eGifts you have sent. You can also view all your registered Reload cards, add funds, rename them, and check or record current balances.