Encourage Families to Try MyScripWallet

Shopping for Scrip with MyScripWallet

Families can take scrip wherever they go with our mobile website, MyScripWallet.com. In addition to being a convenient way for families to order physical gift cards, eGift cards, and reload their physical gift cards, families can also redeem eGift cards right from their phone.

MyScripWallet™ gives families the opportunity to earn on-the-go. They can order an eGift card, checkout with online payments (PrestoPay™), and use the eGift card immediately. If they haven’t signed up for online payments yet, they can add this payment method right on MyScripWallet.

New families can also enroll in your scrip program through MyScripWallet. Just share your enrollment code with them, then they can join and start earning right away. MyScripWallet offers a big earning opportunity for your scrip program. Make sure you let families know about the convenient way to order and use scrip every day.