Get a System for Family Payments

Every scrip program has two different types of orders:  family orders, placed through ShopWithScrip® or old fashioned paper order forms, and organization orders. Families pay you, the coordinator, for each family order in advance. As the coordinator, you combine the family orders into a single organization order, which you submit to Great Lakes Scrip Center®. GLSC will fill your organization order promptly and ship the scrip to you, for distribution to individual families.
The most successful scrip programs encourage family participation by doing this process on a regular basis, usually weekly or bi-weekly.
You can collect orders from families in a few different ways. Most organizations have families sign up for ShopWithScrip accounts and place orders online, where you can view and combine them into one organization order. They can pay for their orders with PrestoPay™, our secure online payment system, or choose to pay by check. As coordinator, you are responsible for collecting all check payments, and you should never release an order without collecting payment.
You can also allow families to place orders with paper order forms. You can create a family order form for your program to use from your Dashboard, and you can keep track of paper order forms by placing them as proxy orders on ShopWithScrip.
It’s important to give families a deadline to place their orders every week, whether they’re using ShopWithScrip or dropping off paper order forms. Keep a consistent schedule so families can rely on scrip for all their shopping. Use our Order Turnaround calculator to find out when you could expect your order to ship, and plan an effective schedule for your program.