Supporter Terms of Use

Last updated March 27, 2019

This Supporter Terms of Use is incorporated by reference in and to the GLSC Terms of Use and is a legal agreement between you and Great Lakes Scrip Center, LLC, a Michigan limited liability company (“GLSC”).  Please review the GLSC Terms of Use when considering the terms and definitions provided below.


As a Supporter of an Organization, your purchases made through the Sites and Services will help support your Organization.  To help us identify your Organization, GLSC has issued your Organization with an Organization Enrollment Code.  You agree that the Organization Enrollment Code is confidential and may only be divulged and shared with other Supporters of the Organization.  You agree that you will not post it in a public place where others can access it. 
You must manage all products such as gift cards received and in your possession responsibly.  These products have cash value and many are not replaceable.  GLSC is responsible for these products up until they are delivered to you by a carrier designated by GLSC.  Upon receipt by the Organization or its representative, GLSC no longer has any responsibility for such products.
To help us provide the best service and experience possible, you are required to expeditiously notify us of any problems you may have with the Sites and Services, the products and gift cards, or of any suspected or known attempted or actual fraud, theft, or other criminal activity associated with the Organization’s fundraising program or the Sites and Services.


You agree not to place any orders without having the funds to cover them.  For orders amounting to amounting to over $10,000 in a 24 hour period, you must complete a FinCEN Information form that will be provided when placing the order.


You agree to pay your Organization for any orders you place either by cash or check directly to your Organization, by PrestoPay™, or by credit card. 

PrestoPay is a convenient way for Supporters to pay their Organizations for a Supporter order place online, at the time you place the Supporter order. With PrestoPay, payment will be electronically deducted from the Supporter’s designated bank account, and GLSC will accept the Supporter’s payment on behalf of the Organization.
There is an enrollment process for Supporters where they will submit their bank account information designated for PrestoPay and then verify the correct entry of that information.  
When choosing to pay with PrestoPay, GLSC will debit your bank account for the amount of your order plus a small fee displayed at time of checkout on the day the order is placed. The Coordinator is notified of the Supporter’s payment and the order will be delivered when the order is released by the Coordinator.
Supporters may have the option to pay via credit card.  Your credit card will be charged for the amount of your order plus a fee displayed at time of checkout.

Supporters can also pay the Organization via check, and will have the option to select the method of payment with each separate order, during the check-out process.
PrestoPay and credit card payments are made to GLSC on behalf of your Organization.  If a Supporter pays for his or her order with PrestoPay or by credit card, and their payment is returned or rejected for any reason, one of the following actions will be taken:
  • If a Supporter purchase has not been approved and released by the Organization, we will cancel the Supporter order and CHARGE THE ORGANIZATION A BANK CHARGE OF $30.00.  The Supporter shall be responsible for reimbursing the Organization this charge; or
  • If the Supporter order has been approved and released by the Organization, we will CHARGE THE ORGANIZATION for the face value of the order, PLUS A BANK CHARGE OF $30.00.  The Supporter and Organization will be notified, and the Organization shall be responsible for collecting the face value of the order and the bank charge from the Supporter.


GLSC will not ship or deliver any of your physical gift card orders unless or until your Organization approves and releases such orders.  Orders for ScripNow eCards and Reloads of previously purchased physical gift cards, paid for with PrestoPay will be released automatically.  GLSC is not liable to you or others for any harm caused by your Organization’s failure to approve or release your order.
All Deliveries of products will be made to the Organization directly and the Organization is responsible to for making delivery to you.  GLSC will be responsible for the products until they are delivered to your Organization.  Upon receipt by the Organization, the Organization will be responsible for all products.