Organization Terms of Use

Last updated: 11/2/2020

These Organization Terms of Use are in addition to the SWS Terms of Use, which are incorporated by reference, and is a legal agreement between you and RaiseRight, LLC, dba ShopWithScrip (“SWS”).  All terms not defined in these Organization Terms of Use are as defined in the SWS Terms of Use.  In the event of any direct conflict with the SWS Terms of Use, these Organization Terms control.  


To enroll your Organization and identify yourself as the Coordinator for your Organization, please visit the New Customer Enrollment Process webpage here. By enrolling, you represent and warrant that you are an authorized representative of that Organization with the legal authority to bind such Organization to these Organization Terms of Use and the SWS Terms of Use, and you also agree to be bound by these Organization Terms of Use and the SWS Terms of Use both as an individual and on behalf of such Organization.  If at any time during the enrollment process or in the running of the Organization’s fundraising program, you provide any individually identifiable information about any person other than yourself, for example the name, email, or telephone number of a member of your organization, you represent and warrant that you have the consent of such person, to provide such information to SWS. 

As part of the successful enrollment of an Organization, SWS will provide an Organization Enrollment Code to the Coordinator to help facilitate ordering of products by Supporters.  The Organization Enrollment Code is confidential and may only be divulged and shared with other Supporters of the Organization.  The Organization agrees that it will not post it in a public place where others can access it.  The Organization is responsible for all orders placed by those using the Organization Enrollment Code.

You will find easy-to-understand information and FAQs on our Sites, including information directed specifically to Supporters.  We encourage you to take advantage of these resources to maximize your fundraising efforts.  However, the Organization is ultimately responsible for communicating program details to its Supporters and answering their questions as needed.

Organizations must manage all products in their possession, such as gift cards, responsibly.  These products have cash value and many are not replaceable.  SWS is responsible for these products until they are delivered to you by a carrier designated by SWS.  Upon receipt by the Organization or its representative, SWS no longer has any responsibility for such products.

To help us provide the best service and experience possible, you are required to quickly notify us of any problems the Organization or its Supporters may have with the Sites and Services, the products and gift cards, or of any suspected or known attempted or actual fraud, theft, or other criminal activity associated with the Organization’s fundraising program or the Sites and Services.


For quick and easy ordering, most Coordinators use to aggregate Supporter orders. You can also place an order for your Organization on  To place an order by phone, call 800.727.4715 Option 2.

When you place your order before 2:00 p.m. ET, orders typically leave our offices no later than the following business day. Orders placed after 2:00 p.m. ET typically will leave our offices no later than the second following business day. For example, if you placed your order before 2:00 p.m. on Monday, it would typically ship no later than Tuesday afternoon.  See SWS's Turnaround Schedule for shipping options and details. During the Christmas holiday season and at other times of year, this turnaround schedule is subject to change.

The Organization is required to pay for any orders they place with us, whether online or on the phone.  Orders paid for by check will be held until we receive the check.  ACH orders will be fulfilled within our regular delivery times.  Orders will not be fulfilled without funds being available to cover their payment. 


Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH)
Since payment must be received for all orders before they can be released for shipment, most Organizations use ACH payment, or electronic funds transfer, to speed delivery of their orders. When an Organization authorizes ACH payment, the Organization agrees that SWS may debit the Organization’s bank account for the exact amount of the order on the day it is placed, and you agree to be bound by the operating rules of the ACH Network.

The Organization can also choose to pay by check, although this often adds several days to the turnaround time.  Returned checks for non-sufficient funds will be assessed a fee of up to $30 in addition to payment of the check.

Supporter Online Payments
A linked bank account is a convenient way for Supporters to pay their Organizations for a Supporter order placed online, at the time they place the Supporter order. Payment will be electronically deducted from the Supporter’s checking account, and SWS will accept the Supporter’s payment on behalf of the Organization.  Once a Supporter has successfully linked their bank account and verified his or her bank account information, the Supporter will have the option to pay for orders with an electronic debit of that bank account. When choosing to pay with a linked bank account, SWS will debit their bank account the day the order is placed for the amount of their order plus a small fee displayed at checkout.

Supporters may have the option to pay via credit card at the time they place the Supporter order.  When choosing to pay by credit card, the Supporter’s credit card will be charged for the amount of the order plus a fee displayed at checkout. 

SWS will accept the Supporter’s linked bank account or credit card online payment on behalf of the Organization.  The Coordinator is notified of the Supporter’s order and the order for physical gift cards will be delivered after the order is released by the Coordinator. Orders by Supporters for eGift cards, reloads of previously purchased physical gift cards, and physical card orders that are shipped directly to the family (‘Ship to Home’ orders) will be fulfilled immediately, with no Coordinator action, when paid for online.

Supporters can also pay the Organization, and will have the option to select the method of payment with each separate order, during the checkout process.

Family Online payments are made to SWS on behalf of your Organization.  If the Supporter payment is returned or rejected for any reason and SWS is not able to collect the funds from the family’s bank account or credit card payment, one of the following actions will be taken:

  • If a Supporter purchase has not been approved and released by the Organization, we will cancel the Supporter order and charge the organization a returned payment fee of an amount up to $30.  The Supporter shall be responsible for reimbursing the Organization for this charge; or
  • If the Supporter order has been approved and released by the Organization, we will charge the Organization for the face value of the order, plus a returned payment fee of an amount up to $30.  The Supporter and Organization will be notified, and the Organization shall be responsible for collecting the face value of the order and the return fee from the Supporter.


All organization gift card orders will be shipped to the Organization’s address on record via a carrier designated by SWS.  SWS is responsible for the order while in transit, and an authorized signature will be required upon delivery. You can choose from several delivery options.  Click here to learn more about SWS's shipping options.

You are required to provide SWS with a valid delivery address where someone will be available to sign for orders when delivered. Orders cannot be picked up at our offices.


On the very rare occasion that we temporarily run out of a particular product, we will place the item on backorder and ship it with your next order. If you do not place your next order within 10 business days, we will ship the backorder at that time. Unusually large or urgent backorders may be shipped earlier at our discretion.