Teach Families About Scrip Benefits

The word “fundraising” has many associations with selling pizzas, wrapping paper, and lifetime supplies of cookie dough. Needless to say, it’s hard to get motivated to sell these items to your long lost relatives or your neighbor down the street. As a coordinator of a scrip program, however, you have the opportunity to redefine what it means to fundraise and get families excited for an improved fundraising experience as well!

Challenging old notions of fundraising will naturally raise some questions from your potential families about how to get started, so motivate new families to be active members by clearing up any concerns in the beginning. Once you show them the ease and value of scrip fundraising, we bet they’ll be on board. Here are our suggestions for clear, simple responses to the most common questions people ask.

Planning Ahead

“I don’t always know where I’m going to be shopping.”

The best response is to remind people that although they may not know where they are going to shop, they do know what they will need. The key is to get them started with the things they can easily imagine themselves spending on. Try this:

“You’re going to need groceries, and you’re going to need gas. Do you like to go to Starbucks® for your coffee? Do you grab lunch at SUBWAY® restaurants or Panera Bread®? Those are all good places to start earning.”

Cash Flow

“I’ll have to give you this week’s grocery money for next week. What about my budget?”

Although they might not say it directly, many people may be reluctant to give you their money to pay for scrip products upfront when they won’t get it back to spend for another four to seven days. Your best response is to minimize the time gap between payment and delivery, and to encourage people to start small to keep their budget on track. You can also tell your families to use ShopWithScrip.com and PrestoPay™ where they can reload previously purchased gift cards with Reload and ReloadNow, or purchase ScripNow® products on their own schedule. Try this:

“Why don’t we start small? Try ordering half of what you need until you get the hang of the program. Order a reloadable card or ScripNow to cut your wait time even more.”

Credit Cards

“I like earning rewards with my credit card. Why can’t I use it to pay for scrip?”

Some people may like the convenience of being able to buy now and pay later with a credit card. Many others want to rack up those airline miles or reward points. Try letting them know that generally, the rewards tend to work out in favor of scrip. Try this:

“Since credit cards charge processing fees, it costs our organization quite a bit to accept credit card payments. Those free airline miles come at a big cost! In the end, you can earn more by using scrip fundraising. Credit card rewards usually average out to about .5% or 1%, but scrip averages 5.5% in rebates!”

Another added bonus of using scrip gift cards as opposed to credit cards is the security of the family’s money. In this day and age, credit card fraud and data breaches continue to crop up in the news, which causes concern for some cardholders. But by completing transactions with a scrip gift card, all of their information remains safe.

Small Rebates

“Why bother for a 2% rebate? It’s not worth the hassle.”

Some people may see what they perceive to be small rebates and dismiss scrip fundraising as not being worth the trouble. Of course, scrip users know how quickly those “small” rebates can add up! Showing some numbers and providing examples are a great way to handle skepticism. Try this:

“It might not seem like much, but the rebates really add up fast. By regularly using scrip for weekly purchases, a single family can easily earn $600-$1000 or more in just one year!”

Online Ordering

“I don’t like to order online.”

This may come up if your families are currently participating using paper order forms, and it’s normal that they are hesitant to change from the method they’re familiar with. However, once they experience the convenience of online ordering, they’ll probably love the switch! Other families might see a concern in the security of online ordering. If that’s the case, then try this:

“Ordering online is actually just as easy as using the paper order form, plus you can order from home whenever you like! You don’t have to worry, because your transactions are completely secure. I can even walk you through the simple steps on the website to help you get familiar with the process, or set up your account for you and give you the login information.”

Paying Online

“I don’t like the idea of paying online.”

 A lot of families view paying for items online as a security risk, where their information could be breached. Yet, the convenience of paying online and receiving ScripNow, Reload, and ReloadNow products whenever your families want or need it is a pretty strong selling point. Here is some information for families that are still skeptical.

“Paying for your order online is completely safe as PrestoPay uses the same Automated Clearing House (ACH) process used for millions of transactions, including payroll direct deposit and Social Security. The information required to register for PrestoPay is the same information plainly visible on the bottom of every check; so by using PrestoPay, your banking information that would have been exposed to other people on a regular check is electronic and kept private. Additionally, all of your online transactions are regulated, and GLSC has the latest computer network security protocols to keep you and your money safe.