Get Scrip Info Out There

One of the most common reasons scrip programs don’t reach their potential is due to a lack of awareness. Sometimes families simply forget to order their scrip; others might not understand what scrip is or even be aware that their organization has a scrip program to begin with. A great scrip coordinator will work hard to overcome these barriers so their program only sees growth, and we have some tips to help you communicate with the best of them!


Communicate Regularly

The key to scrip success comes when members are regularly buying scrip. Communication on a regular basis through emails or ShopWithScrip’s in-site messaging tool will remind members to place new orders and reload their cards. Remember: your communications job is never finished! Frequent, brief messages are the most effective.

Educate Families

Don’t let families miss out on scrip just because they don’t understand how it works! Give yourself an opportunity to explain the basics of scrip, and host a demonstration with a projector so families can see exactly how to sign up and use ShopWithScrip. Some families might not want to try scrip just because they think it’s complicated, but if you walk them through it they’ll see how easy it is. Click here for a video that you can share with your families.

Facebook is Your Friend

Create a Facebook page for your scrip program to encourage communication between your families. You can also share posts from ShopWithScrip’s Facebook page to keep your families in the loop with all of our offers!

Be Personable and Positive

The best way to tell the scrip story is from one friend to another. An introductory meeting will help you establish relationships with the members of your organization, and the more you can talk to them personally throughout the year, the more likely they are to help your program and get more families involved. Be personable, your attitude is contagious, and being positive about your organization and program might draw in new members!

Market Your Program

Make your program known by hanging up promotional tools like a banner, post-it notes, and reminders in the church or school bulletins, and email families about special promotions and bonuses. Many coordinators try to give their program a name that sticks with families. You could name your program after your school’s mascot like “Bulldog Bucks,” or if it’s a religious organization, you could call it “Divine Dollars.”

Use Endorsers

Everyone likes a familiar face, and having the school’s principal or the church’s priest on your side communicating your message can really help get your foot in the door with families. The power of persuasion is a beautiful thing!

Be Specific

It is much easier to encourage families to use scrip when you set specific fundraising goals. Let your families know how much money you are trying to raise and keep them updated with how their efforts are helping. Additionally, tell families what their earnings will be used for. When members can see their proceeds are specifically helping fund a new playground or new computers, they are more likely to become part of the effort.