New Families Need to Hear About Scrip

Scrip fundraising finds strength in numbers. Programs thrive when they have a lot of families earning a lot of rebates. So your organization benefits every time a new family signs up and starts shopping with scrip. We have some surefire ways you can reach out to new families throughout the year and help boost your program.

Put your program out there:

Get the word out about your program! Scrip fundraising might seem like a no-brainer to us, but it is likely that new families in your organization have never even heard of it. Put the message where you know they will see it: if your church or school has a bulletin board, post something there. You can find flyers and other hand-outs in our Promotional Tools section. Make a page with scrip information on your website, or post regularly on your organization’s Facebook page. If you have a newsletter or an email list, include a blurb about your program somewhere to get people interested.

Use our resources to teach new families:

We have a great selection of resources available to help you spread the word about scrip. You can use informational flyers to help explain the scrip concept and different products, along with seasonal flyers to get your families thinking about scrip all year long. You can even customize these materials to include your organization name and any other information you want your families to know. Print them and hang them up where you sell scrip, distribute them in family orders, or pass them out around your organization. Our ShopWithScrip® YouTube channel has some great videos for new families who want to learn about scrip, including testimonials from other scrip shoppers and overviews of ShopWithScrip tools and products like PrestoPay™, ScripNow®Reload, and ReloadNow®. Families can also “Like” our ShopWithScrip Facebook page and get regular updates about new products, promotions, and other scrip news. There are lots of ways for new families to learn about scrip, so make sure they know about the resources we have available!

Host a scrip sign up party:

Even if your program has been around for a while, it’s a good idea to re-introduce existing members to scrip tools they haven’t tried, and get new families on board. An easy way to do this is by holding a scrip meeting, or better yet, a scrip sign-up party! A scrip party is a social, low-pressure environment where new families can bring their questions, talk to people who already shop with scrip, and find out how your program can benefit them. Try to have the meeting in a space where a computer or laptop is accessible, so you can show families how to operate and find information about all of our scrip products. After all, seeing is believing, and once new families see how easy scrip fundraising is they will be hooked!

Encourage word of mouth:

Current scrip users are the most persuasive promoters of scrip, so make sure that you encourage your families to talk directly about their experience with others. They know how powerful a tool scrip fundraising can be, and how easy it is to make scrip a regular part of your shopping routine. Just think: if each person in your program sets a goal to get one additional family to try scrip, you could double your program in no time! You can even offer some incentives for families who bring new members into the program, like a $5 Starbucks eGift when the new family places their first order. When your scrip program grows, everyone wins.

Hold contests:

Sometimes holding a simple contest is a great way to encourage participation among new families. It can be hard to get started, but the chance to win a giveaway can be the push a family needs to place their first order.
One example is a promotional contest for first orders. For instance, you can enter each person who places their “first order” into a drawing to win a small prize. Or instead of picking just one winner, you can give a prize to everyone who places a “first order.”  Get creative and think of some out-of-the-box prize ideas that are cheap, or even free.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Mini Sharpie markers to write remaining balances on gift cards
  • A reserved parking spot every Sunday morning at church
  • Lunch with the school principal

You don’t need to limit your contests to new families either. Throw all the family names of anyone who orders during a certain time into a drawing to win a prize. Or even offer a referral incentive for your existing members. For example, whenever a new family places an order, the family that referred them to the program could receive a $10 incentive credit to redeem for scrip.