Families Splurge on Scrip for Holiday Shopping

Can the holiday season be a busy time? Yes, of course. But with one third of your program’s annual sales coming between November and December, it’s also an exciting time for your scrip program. You just need to plan to make it the most wonderful time of the year.


Make a Schedule:

One of the biggest keys to making your major scrip season sail smoothly is to have a schedule and stick to it. Set strict deadlines for your families to place their orders, which will help both you and your families stay organized and plan what scrip is needed. Think about adding more ordering dates during this time of the season as your families will be shopping more frequently and could benefit from more orders.

You can also confirm your schedule and remind families of approaching deadlines easily by sending out announcements to your entire organization. If you just need to contact a few families at a time, you can take advantage of the in-site messaging feature on ShopWithScrip. Between announcements and in-site messaging, everyone can stay in the loop this holiday season.

Use Our Promotional Tools:

Make sure your families have the resources they need to make the most out of the holiday season. Give your families a gift guide and a list of current partners, so they are aware of any specialty brands or popular gift-giving ideas. If you families use these resources to make their list (and check it twice), the holidays will be a breeze.

Additionally, throughout the holiday season, we will be sending out emails and updating our Facebook page with great shipping offers, special promotions, and bonus rebates. It would benefit both you and your families if you share our posts and pass along our emails throughout your organization.


Keep an Inventory:

Even if you don’t regularly carry inventory, consider keeping popular scrip gift cards on hand to sell during the holiday season. You’ll find some families are more likely to try scrip if they can pick up a few gift cards when they need them most. The number one rule for coordinators keeping an inventory is to keep it stocked. 40% of holiday shoppers shop before Halloween, and some wait until the last minute, so you have to cast a wide net with your inventory approach. Remember that there are also post-holiday sales to consider, so it could be useful to create an ordering schedule for yourself, so you can replenish your stock before all of the deals hit the shelves.

While ordering for your inventory, stock up on the popular cards, but also bulk up some holiday favorites. Keep in mind that with the holidays, families are looking for a wide range of gift-giving possibilities, and they are spending more on things like groceries and gas for holiday travel. Consider stocking multiple denominations of cards for stuffing stockings or putting in a thank you note.

Utilize eGift Cards and MyScripWallet™:

In a perfect world, everyone would get their holiday shopping done weeks ahead of time, beating the rush. But that’s just not reality. If your families wait until the last minute, tell them not to panic. Instead, encourage them to order eGift cards that can be printed in a matter of minutes when they use online payments. With over 400 participating partners, eGift cards are great gifts for loved ones living both near and far. You can even order an eGift, which is sent as a link via email to your recipient on the date you choose.

If you want families to earn even more this holiday season, tell them about MyScripWallet, ShopWithScrip’s mobile website. With MyScripWallet, families can order physical gift cards, eGift cards, and reload their physical gift cards right from their smartphone. It’s perfect for earning on-the-go during the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping.

Reach Out to New Families:

With eGift cards, reloadable gift cards, online payments, and MyScripWallet, shopping with scrip has never been more convenient. So the most wonderful time of the year also happens to be the most wonderful time for easing families into fundraising with scrip.

We want to give you and your families a stress-free scrip experience during the holidays, so take advantage of what we have to offer. Not only do gift cards make great gifts for everyone on your list, but with bonus rebates around this time of year, new families will see substantial earnings by doing their holiday shopping with scrip.

Get Yourself Some Helping Hands:

We understand that the holidays can sneak up on you, but you don’t have to brave it alone. You can assign administration roles to volunteers in your organization, which will give them their own login information. A coordinating assistant can help you during your busiest time with things like managing family orders, downloading marketing flyers, and messaging families, which means less work for you.

Ask some of your volunteers if they would like to be seasonal helpers, who can come in handy, especially if you’re keeping an inventory, and both collecting family orders and distributing scrip. Take some advice from us: having several people working together will help your organization glide through the holiday season. After all, Mr. Claus doesn’t do it all by himself in the North Pole.