eGift Cards (ScripNow)

Electronic gift cards are available from many of our retailers, and can be ordered and printed from your ShopWithScrip® account.  The ScripNow eCard is delivered to your ShopWithScrip account in minutes when you pay for your order with a credit card or linked bank account (PrestoPay™) - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Print the certificate and redeem it in stores, or copy and paste the code at checkout to apply to an online purchase. You can also order and redeem ScripNow right from your phone using

In the Shop tab, sort by Card Type and choose “ScripNow” to view all our available ScripNow products. Or, when searching for a specific retailer (i.e. Home Depot,, move your mouse over their logo to view available product types. The ScripNow logo will appear in full color, if available. Click the logo to order. You can also order ScripNow on your mobile device at On the “Order” page, choose ScripNow to list all available ScripNow brands.

Yes! We’re adding new ScripNow retailers all the time. Watch your email for announcements, or keep an eye on our What’s New page.

For quick delivery, a credit card or linked bank account (PrestoPay) is recommended. When you pay with one of those online payment methods, you’ll receive your eGift card within a few minutes.  You can also pay your coordinator by check. This will delay the process since your eGift card will only be delivered after your coordinator receives your payment and releases your order.

ScripNow orders paid for with a credit card or linked bank account (PrestoPay) are delivered within minutes. You will receive an email confirmation, along with a notification on your dashboard. ScripNow orders paid by personal check are fulfilled minutes after your coordinator releases your order.

No, there is no limit. You have paid for the code. It doesn’t matter how many times you print it, but you can only redeem the code for up to that amount (just like a regular gift card). You can find your eCard in the Viewed ScripNow section of your wallet after you’ve looked at it the first time.  The paper should, however, be treated as cash.

It works in the same way that the physical cards do. The remaining balance is still on there to use for a future purchase.

You will get an email letting you know that it is available and instructions on how to retrieve it and print it. You can also click on the Wallet link in your dashboard to see a list of previously printed, and ready to print eCards.

Login to and click the Wallet link in your dashboard. You can view and print from there. To make sure you receive emails in the future, login and click here to verify you have the correct email address listed for your account.

No. Once an order for ScripNow eCards is submitted, it cannot be cancelled. ScripNow eCards are not returnable. Click here to view our Return Policy.

After you’ve redeemed your ScripNow, click the “Hide” button to clear it from your view. If you want to see it again, select the “Show hidden” box.