No, MyScripWallet isn’t an app. It’s a mobile website that can be used from a smartphone or mobile device. MyScripWallet is supported for the Safari and Chrome web browsers.

Just open the web browser on your smartphone or mobile device and enter the address

Sign in to If you’re using the Safari browser, select the upward arrow icon, choose Add to Home Screen, then Add. For the Chrome browser, tap the menu button and select Add to Home screen, then Add. The MyScripWallet icon will appear on your home screen like an app.

No. You’ll use your existing ShopWithScrip username and password to login, and if you’re enrolled in online payments, you’ll be able to use that to pay for any orders you place on MyScripWallet. If you don’t have a ShopWithScrip account yet, you can enroll and sign up for online payments right from MyScripWallet.

You can order physical gift cards, ScripNow® eGift cards, and reload your physical cards on MyScripWallet. It also includes a wallet function to display your previously purchased eGift cards and reloadable cards.

MyScripWallet is optimized to make it much easier to use on your phone. It will also include more information such as which partners accept redemption from a phone or mobile device. 

Yes. We require username and password entry every time you access our sites, and also have an added layer of security with account verification. When you pay for your orders with online payments (a linked bank account or credit card), you’ll enter your personally selected secure PIN number.

Yes. Any ScripNow eGift cards you’ve ordered or currently registered reloadable gift cards that are in your Wallet on will also be in MyScripWallet.

You can pay with online payments (a linked bank account or credit card) or by check. Pay by check orders will not process until you pay your coordinator and they release your order.

Open the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner on MyScripWallet and then select Payment Types. Follow the instructions to link your bank account either immediately or through manual entry. Or you can add your credit card information in your cart at checkout.

Yes. When reviewing your purchased card in MyWallet, you will see a Get Balance button or an Enter Balance button at the top of the screen. Get Balance allows you to directly access the brand's database and retrieve an accurate balance. Enter Balance means you would record and track the balance yourself. You can find the balance on your receipt or by going to the brand's website. There may also be a phone number on your gift card to call the brand for a balance check.

Some partners require the printed eGift card or physical gift card at checkout. If that’s the case, you’ll see a note clearly indicating that when you’re ordering and when you view the eGift cards and reloadable gift cards in your wallet. No warning message means you can present the eGift card or reloadable gift card at checkout from your phone.

The eGift feature is currently only available on

You’ll receive an email confirmation when your ScripNow eGift card is ready. You can also go to your wallet and refresh the page until you see your newly delivered eGift card at the top of the list.

You’ll receive an email confirmation when your reload has processed. Funds are added overnight for Reloads ordered Monday through Friday by 3:30 p.m. Eastern and paid for with online payments (PrestoPay). ReloadNow items paid for with online payments will be ready in minutes. Any reload orders paid for by check will not process until after your coordinator has released the order.