No, MyScripWallet is not an app. It is a mobile website that can be used from a cell phone or mobile device. MyScripWallet is supported for the Safari browser on Apple devices, and Chrome on Android devices.

You may need to update your operating system or browser, updates are free and can be downloaded from your device. Apple phones or tablets should be using iOS 7.0.0 or later. Android devices work best when using the latest version of Chrome.

Just open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad, or the Chrome browser on your Android device, and enter the address

Navigate to using the Safari browser on an iPhone, or the Chrome browser on an Android phone. On an iPhone, select the upward arrow icon at the bottom of the screen. Choose ‘Add to Home Screen’, then ‘Add’. On Android phones, access the Chrome menu button and select ‘Add to home screen’, then ‘Add’. Click on the new icon to access the site just as you would to open an app.

An internet connection is required to use MyScripWallet. You’ll need either a wi-fi connection or cell service to access and use MyScripWallet.

Great news, you won’t need to do anything additional! You’ll use your existing ShopWithScrip® username and password to login, and if you already have PrestoPay™ you’ll be able to use it to pay for any orders placed on MyScripWallet.

MyScripWallet is an ordering tool for ScripNow® eCards and Reloads, and it includes a wallet function to display your previously purchased eCards and Reload cards. Physical gift cards can only be ordered on at this time.

MyScripWallet is optimized to make it much easier to use on your phone. It will also include more information such as which retailers won’t accept redemption from a phone or mobile device. 

You’ll be required to enter your ShopWithScrip password each time you access MyScripWallet. When placing PrestoPay orders, you’ll enter your personally selected, secure pin number just as you do on ShopWithScrip today. No sensitive data is stored on your phone, so there is no risk of someone accessing your account or information without your password.

ShopWithScrip and MyScripWallet are completely integrated. Any currently registered cards that you previously reloaded on will appear in your wallet. Any ScripNow eCards delivered to you since 3/1/2014 will also appear in your wallet, older eCards will need to be viewed and printed from From there on out, you can order from MyScripWallet or and all eCards and reloaded cards will appear in your wallet. ScripNow ordered from MyScripWallet will always appear in your ShopWithScrip account.

At this time, you won’t be able to pay your organization for orders placed on MyScripWallet. You must pay for orders using PrestoPay, Great Lakes Scrip Center’s online payment system using the ACH electronic debit process. If you don’t have PrestoPay, you will still be able to use MyScripWallet to view eCards and Reload cards ordered on ShopWithScrip.

Log in to your account at and select the Payment Types link in the Your Orders section of the Dashboard to set up PrestoPay. If you don’t see the option to enroll in PrestoPay, contact your coordinator to see if they will allow it for your program.

Some retailers have allowed a Get Balance button, while others have an Enter Balance button to record the balance on your eCards and Reload cards.

Some retailers aren’t quite ready for mobile redemption yet, and they require the printed eCard or physical gift card at checkout. If that’s the case, you’ll see a note in red clearly indicating that when you are ordering, and when viewing the eCards/Reload cards in your wallet. You can log in to your ShopWithScrip account from your home computer to print out your ScripNow eCard for those that require it. No warning message means you can present the eCard or Reload card at checkout from your phone. Just make sure you are connected to wi-fi, or you have cell service to access MyScripWallet.

The eGift feature is currently only available on

You’ll receive an email confirmation when your ScripNow eCard is ready just like you do today on Or you can go to your wallet and refresh the page until you see your newly delivered eCard at the top of the list.

A PIN number can be saved for reload retailers that require it for mobile redemption. Open the card in your reload wallet and select the blue button next to the PIN number field. Enter the PIN from the back of your card and select the blue plus sign to add it. Your card number and pin will now display in the wallet.

You’ll receive an email confirmation when your reload has processed just like you do today on Funds are added overnight for regular Reloads ordered Monday through Friday by 3:30 PM Eastern Time and paid for with PrestoPay. ReloadNow items paid for with PrestoPay will be ready in minutes. Look for the designation Reload or ReloadNow on the ordering list to tell which type of product it is. Any reloads paid for by check will not process until after your coordinator has released the order.

Some of our retailers aren’t quite ready to be a part of mobile scrip just yet, but that may change in the future. Until then you can still order them on

We plan to continually add new features to MyScripWallet, and we’re counting on you to tell us what you like, and what you think would make it a better experience. There is a feedback option in the menu button at the top right of MyScripWallet, or you’re welcome to email us at if you’d prefer.