Family Accounts

All you need to enroll is an email address and your non-profit organization’s unique enrollment code, which your coordinator can give to you. Click here to view the registration form and fill out the required fields. That’s it!
Note: An email address is required to use ShopWithScrip.

No, we promise! (It’s all laid out in our easy-to-read Privacy Statement.) By enrolling, you do agree to receive administrative and promotional emails from ShopWithScrip, which you can opt out of on the registration form or at any time.

ShopWithScrip reporting uses the face value and the net price of the gift cards to calculate rebates. All reports are available in PDF format for easy sharing, and in Microsoft Excel format for simple analysis and calculation.

Of course, you can associate your ShopWithScrip account to as many non-profit organizations as you like! All you need is the specific enrollment code for each one. Each time you place an order, you will have the ability to designate which organization you would like to support with your purchase.

Your coordinator might have already set up an account for you. If you contact your coordinator they will be able to provide you with your username.

If your organization allows online family payments, you can pay by: Or you can pay by check directly to your organization.

Check with your organization's coordinator if you have questions about specific payment options that are allowed.

No, but you can contact your scrip coordinator who can modify or cancel your order in some cases.

Orders for physical gift cards will be shipped to your organization. Your coordinator will be able to tell you when you can expect to receive your order. ScripNow® and ReloadNow® products will be delivered as soon as payment is received, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reload orders submitted by 3:30 PM Eastern time Monday through Friday will process the next morning by 10:30 AM Eastern. Click here to learn more about ScripNow, and click here to learn more about Reload/ReloadNow.