A ScripNow® eGift is an email containing a link to view and print a ScripNow eCard. The recipient receives the email telling them they received a gift from you, and they follow that link to view and print their eCard to be used at the retailer or online.

You can order an eGift from your ShopWithScrip account just by checking the box marked “Make this a gift?” when you order ScripNow. You’ll be prompted to enter the recipient’s name and email address. You will add your name and personalized message you want to appear on the gift, and select the date you would like the gift delivered on.

No! There is no fee to send an eGift.

For some retailers, you can select the image you want to appear on the eCard that is delivered to your recipient. You’ll see the option on the eGift order screen to choose different images if available.

You choose the date you want the eGift to arrive, anytime from the date you place the order, up to a year later. If you pay for your order online with a credit card or linked bank account (PrestoPay™), the gift can be delivered shortly after you place the order when you select today’s date for delivery. If you pay by check, the eGift will not be delivered until your coordinator releases the order at the earliest.

A phone number is required in case we need to contact you if we are not able to deliver the eGift to the email address you entered on the order form.

You can see the delivery status and date for eGifts in your Wallet.

We will deliver the gift shortly after your coordinator releases your order, and pays for it. If the delivery date has passed and your coordinator has not released it, you can contact your coordinator if you would like them to cancel it.

Please contact our Customer Support team at 1-800-727-4715 x 3 or by email at to have the eGift re-sent to the correct address.  Please note: if the eGift was already delivered to an incorrect address, there is a possibility that it was redeemed by the original recipient.