Decide How the Earnings are Shared

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Decide How the Earnings are Shared

There are three ways you can choose to handle earnings:   

  1. The earnings are shared between your organization and the family—this is most common.

  2. 100% of the earnings goes to families.

  3. 100% of the earnings goes to your organization.

Why Share the Earnings?

One of the things families love about shopping with gift cards is that their efforts can impact their family directly.
For example, with another fundraiser like selling magazines, even if a family sells more magazines than everyone else, the organization still gets the total earnings—not the family. With gift cards, you can make sure each family is rewarded for their efforts by sharing a percentage of the earnings with them.
Plus, when families hear they earn a percentage or even all of the earnings for tuition, sports fees, travel expenses—any fee they pay your organization—shopping with gift cards sounds even better. And your organization ends up earning more.


When we changed from 100% of the earnings going to our school, to 25% to school and 75% to a family’s tuition, participation grew by 200% and revenue grew by 400%.

Jill F. | Earns for school tuition

What Percentage Should Be Shared?

Consider things like shipping fees and operational costs for your organization before deciding how to share the earnings. Most organizations want to earn enough to cover those expenses, so they share between 50% and 90% with the family.
Try starting with 25% for your organization and 75% for a family, and see how it goes—though really, it can be any amount you like.

Can I Change the Percentage Shared Anytime?

If your organization has earnings left over after monthly expenses, you can use them as a general benefit to the program, start a scholarship fund, or increase the percentage you share with families.
As time goes on, you’ll get a better understanding of what works for your organization.

How Do I Track Earnings with Sharing?

You can track earnings regardless of how you choose to handle them. Go to the Reports section on your Dashboard to get customizable, easy-to-understand reports. Remember, the earnings are always earned right away when a gift card is purchased.
For example, go to the Reports page on your Dashboard, find the Rebate Summary by Family report and select Run Report. Change the Output Format to Microsoft Excel so you can easily customize your report based on your sharing percentage.

Reports screenshot

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