SCRIPWARE Inventory Management Tool

SCRIPWARE™, an optional subscription service offered by ShopWithScrip, was developed after review of all commercially available scrip management programs to help ease inventory management. It offers all of the features you automatically get with your free ShopWithScrip online solution, including convenient online access, reloadable gift cards, full family order tracking, order aggregation, and optional set up of online payments (credit card or a linked bank account) for your families. Plus, when you upgrade to SCRIPWARE, you get these powerful features:

  • Full inventory management - Keep track of all gift cards and certificates on hand with full inventory reporting.
  • "Scrip To Go" sales support - You can designate orders as "scheduled" for delivery later, or if you have inventory on hand, sell it out of inventory immediately. SCRIPWARE keeps track of everything.
  • Customizable rebate sharing and distribution - Share all or some of the rebates with your families. Set a minimum earning amount if you want. SCRIPWARE offers the flexibility to accomodate any scrip program.
  • Full financial reporting - SCRIPWARE does inventory valuation, profit reporting, cost tracking and more.
  • Many more powerful features - Check out our benefit comparison chart below for details:
Here are all the things you can do: Standard ShopWithScrip ShopWithScrip w/ SCRIPWARE™
Offer online ordering for families Check Check
Track rebates by family Check Check
View order histories by family Check Check
Offer eGift card (ScripNow) products Check Check
Offer card reloads Check Check
Offer online family payments Check Check
Add local products to website Check Check
Rely on data security (data backed up in multiple locations) Check Check
Access from anywhere with internet Check Check
Manage inventory of ShopWithScrip products   Check
Manage inventory of local products   Check
Support Scrip-to-Go sales directly from inventory   Check
Customize rebate accounts for your program   Check
Customize rebate distribution for your families   Check
Create rebate credit vouchers for outside products or programs   Check
See on-screen reminders of actions coordinator needs to perform   Check

Start your free trial today.

SCRIPWARE is available to try free with no obligation for 60 days*. If not fully satisfied, unenroll from SCRIPWARE any time during your 60-day trial and you will not be charged. At the end of your 60-day trial period, ShopWithScrip will bill your NPO account for SCRIPWARE service according to the billing plan you choose.

The monthly subscription rate is $7.75 or an annual subscription is available for $79.00 (a 15% savings).

To start your free trial, go to Dashboard > Coordinator Functions > SCRIPWARE.

* Only one 60-day free trial is available per ShopWithScrip organization. You may unenroll and re-enroll at any time, however the free 60-day free trial is only available for your first use.