Choose How Families Pay for Gift Cards

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Choose How Families Pay for Gift Cards

There are two ways families can pay for gift cards:

  1. The best way for families to pay is online—with a linked bank account or credit card. This is available to families if your organization pays ShopWithScrip through a linked bank account and you allow online payments for families on your Dashboard

  2.  They pay your organization directly with cash or check. You are responsible for collecting payments from families for all orders.  

Let’s take a look at the benefits of each payment type. If you want more information about how payments and rebates for your organization are handled, here’s a helpful resource.

Benefit Online payments
Credit card (Discover, Mastercard, or Visa) Bank account (PrestoPay™)
Pay organization
cash or check
Rebate is not impacted by payment method Check Check Check
Can order eGift cards, physical gift cards, and reloads to physical cards  Check Check Check
eGift cards and reloads to physical cards available immediately Check Check  
Does not require the coordinator to collect payments  Check Check  
Families earn for your organization while also earning points or cash back with a credit card Check    

Set Up Online Payments Today

First, link your organization’s bank account if you haven’t already:

  1. Complete the Payment Change Form, which you can find on your Dashboard, to generate a Billing Change Notification.

  2. Follow the instructions on the Billing Change Notification to send the completed form and a voided check to ShopWithScrip.

Next, allow online payments for families:

  1. Once your bank account is added, go to Dashboard > Payment Types > Allow Family Online Payment.

  2. Families can save a bank account, credit card, or both for convenient checkout every time.

  3. Share this flyer with families to help them get started with online payments.

Note that the family pays a fee when paying online:

  • Credit card: 2.6% fee per transaction

  • Bank account: $0.15 fee per transaction

Get Started with Cash or Check

  • If you decide not to allow online family payments, families pay your organization directly by cash or check. Checks should be made out to your organization.

  • Always confirm that funds have been successfully deposited to your organization’s account before submitting orders to ShopWithScrip.


Need help getting started with family payments?

Call Customer Support and we’ll walk you through it, step by step.

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