Practice Makes Perfect—Even With Gift Cards

Starting with a small trial order helps you get more familiar with how ordering works before inviting families to join your program. Then you can share your first-hand experience with families.  

Where Do I Start?

Explore ways to earn

Get started by checking out brands on the Shop page, exploring bonus rebates, and discovering which brands offer different gift card types. Take a look around the site and get familiar with it.

Shop gift cards

After you've done some exploring, it's time to place your first trial order.

eGift cards: It’s easy to start with eGift cards because they’re sent to your account immediately when you pay online. Choose any brand and any amount available.

Physical gift cards: Your organization pays the cost of shipping, so when you place a trial order for physical cards, consider making a few purchases for other families. Or, start with a $200 grocery card since that’s something you buy every week and the rebate earned could cover the cost of shipping. Choose from a variety of delivery options at checkout.

Reloads: You can reload funds onto an existing physical gift card that you bought through ShopWithScrip as long as the brand offers reloads. The funds will be ready to use within minutes when you pay online.


Here's a helpful, step-by-step guide that shows you how to order each type of gift card.

eGift card (ScripNow®) and ReloadNow orders placed and paid for with online payments (credit card or a linked bank account) are typically available in minutes. Reload orders paid for with online payments and placed before 3:30 p.m. ET will typically be processed overnight and available the next business day. A limited number of brands may take up to two business days. eGift card, ReloadNow, and Reload orders placed and paid for with check must be released by the organization’s coordinator before the order can be processed.