What does the coordinator do?

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What Does the Coordinator Do?

Your role as coordinator is important, and we’re here to help make it simple and seamless. Here’s a general outline of coordinator duties.  

Invite Families to Participate

After you've decided how to run your organization’s program, the very first step is to invite families to earn. There are a handful of resources available to help families get on board.

Visit the Invite Families page to get the details on how to invite families to raise money for your organization.  

Enable Online Payments

The most successful programs allow families to pay online, so families pay ShopWithScrip with a linked bank account or credit card. This way, coordinators don’t need to collect payment from families.

If you allow families to pay by check, you’re responsible for collecting checks for the face value of the family’s gift card order.

Go to the Receive Family Payments page to get the details about allowing families to pay online.

Submit Orders for Physical Gift Cards

You’re in charge of submitting orders for physical gift cards. To get the details on how to collect and submit physical gift card orders, visit the View Orders page.
Online payments perk: When families order eGift cards or reload money to physical cards and pay online, you don’t have to submit orders. And families get their funds instantly.

Deliver Physical Gift Cards to Families

When families order physical cards, the gift cards are sent to you, the coordinator, at the address you choose when you submit an order. Sort the order and get physical cards to families however it works best for you and your organization.
For tips on how to deliver physical gift cards to families, go to the Manage Delivery and Distribution section.
Online payments perk: When families order eGift cards or reload money to physical cards, you don’t have to do anything. eGift cards and reloaded funds are automatically available on a family’s account within seconds of placing an order.

Rebates are earned automatically

You don’t have to do anything to make sure your organization gets the rebates you earn. Easily see earnings by family, order, gift card type, and more on the Reports page.
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eGift card (ScripNow®) and ReloadNow orders placed and paid for with online payments (credit card or a linked bank account) are typically available in minutes. Reload orders paid for with online payments and placed before 3:30 p.m. ET will typically be processed overnight and available the next business day. A limited number of brands may take up to two business days. eGift card, ReloadNow, and Reload orders placed and paid for with check must be released by the organization’s coordinator before the order can be processed.