Make Your Wish List Come True

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Make Your Wish List Come True

Shopping with gift cards is a great way to earn, whether your organization has long-term or short-term goals. It’s always free to get started, so it’s easy to start gaining on your fundraising goals right away.

  1. Decide how much your organization needs to earn, then set a deadline.

  2. Determine how many families need to participate in order to meet your goal. As a guideline, it’s common for a single family to raise about $1,000 per year and typically 30% of an organization’s families participate. Our online earnings calculator is a helpful tool that brings to life how every family that shops with gift cards can make an impact.   

  3. Share the goal with families to motivate them. Monitor your organization’s progress and send updates to make your success more trackable.

Earnings calculator

How to Meet Your Goal: Tips from Earning Experts

  • Take advantage of gifting and shopping seasons like holidays and back-to-school.

  • Encourage families to start with gas and groceries to get in the habit of earning. Plus, for a family that spends about $200 a week on just gas and groceries—with a 5% rebate, that’s $10 in earnings a week or more than $500 a year.

  • Be sure to tell families about so they can raise money from their phones anytime, anywhere.

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