The More Families Who Participate, the More You Earn

Once you’ve decided how to run your program, it’s time to invite families to start earning. Families appreciate opportunities to raise money for what matters to them, so they’ll be excited to hear from you.

Here are some top tips and resources to help you connect with families who want to earn for your organization.

Use the Invite Families Email Feature

  1. The Invite Families via Email feature is on your Dashboard. Enter a list of email addresses, then families will automatically get an email that includes your name and your organization’s name. The email introduces families to gift card fundraising and invites them to get started in your program. It’s the easiest way to invite a handful of families at once.

  2. You automatically get an email letting you know when a family joins your program.

Privately Share Your Organization’s Enrollment Code

To start earning for your organization, all a family needs is the inviting families email or your organization's unique enrollment code, which you can find on your Dashboard. Please share the code with families, but keep it safe from public places like Facebook or your organization’s website to keep it within your organization.

Get more tips to keep your program safe.

ShopWithScrip dashboard

Email or Print Informational Flyers

Choose from a variety of flyers that help explain different parts of scrip to families:

  • ShopWithScrip Overview: Describes the benefits of gift card fundraising and explains how to shop.

  • MyScripWallet: Shows families how to earn from their phones anytime, anywhere.

  • Online Payments: Teaches families how to link their bank accounts so they can pay online, and get instant access to eGift cards and reloads to physical cards.

  • Virtual Products: Educates families on the benefits of eGift cards and reloads to physical cards—both types let families use funds the moment they’re needed.

Chat Face-to-Face with New Families

Is your organization a school? Ask to speak for 5 minutes at back-to-school orientation. Is your organization a sports team or band? Ask to give a quick overview at opening night. You could always put together your own meeting too.
No matter what you do, remember to bring educational flyers to share. Also play this inspiring video where families talk about opportunities created by gift card fundraising, how easy it is to do every day, and how fast earnings add up.


What Happens Next?

Families will receive a few emails from ShopWithScrip that help them get familiar with the program and understand how earning works. The first time they go to the website, they’ll also experience a tour that guides them to important places, including where to shop, where to explore bonus rebates, where to see purchased eGift cards and reloads to physical cards, and more.