How to Get Physical Cards and Distribute Them to Families

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How to Get Physical Cards and Distribute Them to Families

Follow these four steps to make getting and distributing physical gift cards seamless. 

1. Choose Where You Want Your Orders Delivered

Your organization’s address
One option is to choose your default address, which is your organization address, at checkout. You can change your default shipping address anytime.

UPS Access Point locations
Another option is to pick up your package at a secure location with extended business hours when it’s convenient for you by using UPS Access Point® locations, like The UPS Store, convenience and hardware stores, pharmacies, and 8,000+ other locations. Choose a pickup location in your area when you’re ready to submit the purchase order.

Please note: There is no fee for using a UPS Access Point as long as you select the “Choose a Pickup Location” option when you submit your order. The UPS Store may reference a $5 storage fee, but let them know your order was shipped with Access Point for free.

Delivery location screenshot

Things to remember when choosing a location

  • Your most recently used shipping address will be your default address. If you want to change it, do so before submitting your order.

  • ​You can change your default shipping address anytime.

2. Receive Your Order

All orders require an adult signature when they’re delivered. If you’re using a UPS Access Point location, you’ll need to sign when you pick up your order.
Keep gift cards safe. Since physical cards are used like cash, it’s important to keep them in a secure place until you distribute them.

3. Print Packing Slips and Sort Orders

Select the Packing Slips button on your Dashboard to print a report that includes a page for each family, showing what a family ordered and the rebate earned. This helps you sort the gift cards so they go to the right family, and ensures distribution goes smoothly every time. Include each family’s page with their order so they can verify the order, too.

4. Distribute Gift Cards to Families

Just like you should set a schedule for ordering cards, you should also set a schedule for distributing cards to families. This will help families remember to pick up their cards on a regular basis.

Here are a few examples of how distributing gift cards could work, depending on your organization type:

  • School: Hand out gift cards in the office or in the cafeteria after school on Mondays. Some schools send home gift cards with students—if you’re thinking about doing this, take a look at these forms that parents should sign.

  • Church: Distribute cards in the office between church services every Sunday. Some organizations also use designated mailboxes if the church has them. 

  • Sports team: Give gift cards to parents after Thursday practices, or offer to have parents drive to your house and pick them up ASAP.

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