Choose How Families Order Physical Gift Cards

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Choose How Families Order Physical Gift Cards

There are two ways families can order physical gift cards:

  1. Online orders

  2. Proxy orders

What Are Online Orders?

Online orders are the best way for families to order physical gift cards since families create an online account and place their own orders. This way, there’s less work for the coordinator.
Families place orders at on desktop or on mobile.

What Are Proxy Orders?

A proxy order is an order you place on behalf of a family, after they’ve filled out a paper or online order form.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of each order collection type:

Family Benefit Online Proxy
Can order physical cards, eGift cards, and reloads, so there’s no limit on the 750+ brands available Check Check
Immediate access to eGift cards and reloaded funds on their physical cards* Check  
Flexibility to order gift cards anytime, anywhere—on desktop or phone  Check  
Typically earn 31% more each year  Check  
Access to emails with bonus alerts, new brand updates, sweepstakes, and more Check  
Don’t have to take the time to get gift card orders to coordinator  Check  
Coordinator Benefit Online Proxy
Less effort for the coordinator  Check  
Get families on board faster  Check  
Access online reports to see each family’s order history and rebate earnings Check Check
Requires less time, space, and resources to manage gift card inventory Check Check
No upfront costs Check Check

You Can Also Place Bulk Orders for Your Organization

A bulk order is when your organization pays up front to have physical gift cards on hand, then you sell them to families or use them for your organization’s office supplies, to buy gifts for teachers and coaches, and more. Since the order isn’t connected to individual families, you can’t track family earnings.

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* eGift card (ScripNow®) and ReloadNow orders placed and paid for with online payments (credit card or a linked bank account) are typically available in minutes. Reload orders paid for with online payments and placed before 3:30 p.m. ET will typically be processed overnight and available the next business day. A limited number of brands may take up to two business days. eGift card, ReloadNow, and Reload orders placed and paid for with check must be released by the organization’s coordinator before the order can be processed.