Transition Your Program to a New Coordinator

If it’s time for a new coordinator to take over your gift card fundraising program, there are a few key steps that need to happen before you can make the switch. Whether you’re the existing coordinator or just starting your role as the coordinator, update your organization’s information by following the steps below.

To start, you need to log in using the existing coordinator’s login credentials. If you don’t have access to them, call Customer Support at 800.727.4715 Option 3.

5 steps to change coordinators

1. Verify the new coordinator has a ShopWithScrip family account set up. You can check by logging in as the existing coordinator and going to Dashboard > Family Accounts. If they don’t have a family account, do the following:

  • Use the Invite Families via Email link on your Dashboard to send an email to the new coordinator. The new coordinator will use the link in the email they receive to easily create an account with your organization.

  • Or the new coordinator can sign up directly on or by using the organization’s enrollment code, which you can find on the existing coordinator’s Dashboard.

2. Change the Coordinator name on your program account.

  • Stay logged in as the existing coordinator and go to Dashboard > Coordinator Roles to update the Coordinator name. The new coordinator’s name will populate when you type it in since they have an account set up.

  • You need to log out of this account and start using the new coordinator account once the coordinator name is updated.

coordinator roles

3. Update the Organization Profile. This step is important because the information on the Organization Profile appears on participating families’ Dashboards.

  • Log into your new coordinator account. Then update your Organization Profile with the new coordinator information by going to Dashboard > Organization Profile.

  • Confirm or update the organization’s default shipping address based on where you want orders shipped. This will be the default address when you place physical gift card orders. 

  • Update the email address with the new coordinator’s email, and be sure to check the box to get emails with important coordinator information, new brand announcements, and previews of upcoming bonus offers.

  • Save the changes using the button on the bottom of the page.

org profile

4. Update the Organization PIN.

  • Go to Dashboard > Organization Profile > Organization PIN Reset.

  • Create a 4-digit PIN and answer the security questions.

  • Check the box to confirm you understand that a PIN will be required for all future orders.

  • To finish, click the RESET PIN button and you will be redirected back to your Dashboard. 

  • If you are unable to reset the security questions, contact Customer Support for assistance.

5. Check for any active orders.

  • To ensure that all orders and Purchase Orders have been submitted, go to your Dashboard and look for a red circle with the “!” symbol. This symbol means you need to take action.

  • Submit any active orders, which you can see in your Order Queue or on your PO Manager.

coordinator functions

What happens next?
After steps 1 and 2, the new coordinator will have access to the Coordinator Functions section of their Dashboard the next time they log in. They will also receive a welcome email confirming the change, with a link to valuable information found on the Support page so they can get started in their new role.  

More ways existing coordinators can help new coordinators succeed

To make sure the transition goes smoothly for a new coordinator and for participating families, existing coordinators should pass along organization-specific details like:

  • Gift card ordering and distribution processes, reporting needs, and schedule details.

  • If it applies to your organization, an explanation of how rebates are shared and distributed to families, what options families have for using their rebates, and when rebates are distributed.

  • Instructions on how to purchase any local brands you’ve added to your program, and shipping or pickup instructions, minimum order requirements, etc.

  • List of participating families and contact information.

  • Contact information and schedule for any program volunteers who distribute gift cards, help families start earning, and more.

  • Any other valuable information such as annual or semi-annual events, helpful flyers, and tools you’ve used to get families involved.


If you need any help making these updates, or if you’re a new coordinator and want help getting started in your new role, our Customer Support team is here for you. Call us at 1.800.727.4715 Option 3, or email us at