Add Local Brands to Your Program

In addition to the 750+ national brands families can shop on and, you have the power to invite local brands that sell gift cards to participate in scrip.

This is a great opportunity if you know families in your program love to shop local—like at a small grocery store, popular gas station, or crowd-favorite bakery. Plus, local brands will be invested in your community since they might be a member of your church or have a child enrolled in your school.

As the coordinator, you can determine if there are local brands you’d like to include in your program. Here’s what you need to do to get them set up.

5 Steps to Invite Local Brands to Give Back

  1. Create a standard invitation letter to send. And create a list to keep track of who you’ve talked to. Here’s a sample letter you can customize and use for your own program. In an opening letter, you want to explain how earning works, how fundraising will benefit the brand, and what you need from them.

  2. Help the brand decide on a rebate. You should recommend they look at rebates for comparable brands available through ShopWithScrip and set their own percentage at a similar level.

    Tip: They can go to the Shop page on and filter by brands in their same category.

  3. Coordinate a process. Determine how you order and pick up gift cards, and set up a payment system.

  4. Add the brand to the site. Go to Dashboard > Local Suppliers, then select NEW SUPPLIER to enter the brand’s information. Next, add their gift card product information under Local Products, including the name and dollar amounts available to shop. Then, the brand’s product will appear on the site to families in your organization only, along with our other 750+ brands. Families can shop online, and you can track orders and rebates.

  5. Maintain the relationship. Once you start making partnerships with local brands, don’t just leave it at that. Share your fundraising progress with them so they can see what their participation is going toward and try to work with the brands to run promotions, sponsor events, and reward the families in your organization. Get your whole community working together to make an impact.