Becoming a Brand Partner

ShopWithScrip gives brands a unique and valuable opportunity to create local marketing platforms and build loyalty on a national level. Join more than 700 of the nation’s top brands to make an impact on local communities while growing loyalty and driving more business to your brand.

How it works:
More than 17,000 organizations from all 50 states use ShopWithScrip as their fundraising program to raise money for their organizations. Families in approved organizations purchase gift cards at full face value to use in place of cash, checks, or credit cards for both gifting and their household spending. Organizations earn a percentage rebate on every gift card their members purchase, while you get committed shopping dollars in advance with a lower-cost form of payment. Organizations who raise money with gift card fundraising include schools, community and national non-profits, churches, athletic teams, and band and music programs. All organizations are reviewed and vetted by ShopWithScrip to ensure they are eligible before they are approved. 

We partner with national retailers, and larger regional retailers with multiple locations, in all shopping categories. Participating brands cover all retail segments as well as grocery, gas, entertainment venues and services, restaurants, direct to consumer brands and online retailers.  

The cost to brand partners to participate is a percentage discount on their gift cards, the majority of which is passed on to our participating organizations for fundraising. There are also varying levels of marketing opportunities available to stand out and drive even more brand awareness, loyalty, and gift card sales. 

Benefits of being a partner:
Local impact is a powerful motivator of behavior, especially when local impact means creating more opportunities for kids and strengthening organizations that matter deeply to families. ShopWithScrip has direct access to highly engaged, valuable consumers throughout the U.S. When you partner with ShopWithScrip, you have access to over 5 million active and involved families across the nation who are looking for opportunities to help their community by frequenting participating retailers.

Why ShopWithScrip?
ShopWithScrip was founded in 1994. Today, we are the largest non-retail gift card outlet, with 60,000 organizations impacted across all 50 states, $800 million raised by our organizations through gift card fundraising, and $9 billion in gift card sales. We have a dedicated customer support team, market-leading security practices, and a long history of reliable service for both customers and partners. ShopWithScrip has API connections to all major gift card activators, as well as direct connections to retailers. This allows us to activate both physical and eGift cards to make participation simple for our partners, and enable real-time delivery of eGift cards for our customers for the greatest convenience and highest sales opportunities. 

To learn more about partnering with ShopWithScrip, download our partner flyer or send us an email at