Our Company

The year was 1994, and Carol Burgess and I set out to make the “work” of fundraising a parental responsibility and not an after-school project for our children. The world of Scrip Fundraising existed already, but we changed it to be a rewarding experience based on exceptional customer service.

Fast forward over 21 years. 30,000 nonprofit organizations have become our customers, and they have raised 500 million dollars just by changing their shopping and payment habits.

So how great is scrip fundraising?

Well, I believe it’s a pretty incredible way to raise a lot of money for your organization, and the best part is everyone can participate! After all, we all spend money on things like gas and groceries, so you might as well use scrip to help your organization.

Here are the three steps to getting started with scrip fundraising:
  1. Have your organization sign up to become one of our valued customers – we love them all!
  2. Once your organization is approved, your enrolled families will order and pay for gift cards they can use on their everyday and gift-giving shopping. Bonus: you earn rebates right then and there!
  3. We deliver your gift cards very quickly to your organization and then you get to see your families smile when you distribute their gift cards to them.

While our normal card delivery is pretty speedy, we know that everyone is busy and might need scrip when they are on the go. That’s why we also offer downloadable eCards from over 290 of our retail partners, so you can still earn on those unexpected purchases.

At Great Lakes Scrip Center, we’ve got something for everyone in your organization. So sit back, your search for the perfect fundraiser is over. I promise you’ll love this program.

More than 20 years later, we still pride ourselves on our great customer service team who can’t wait to help you get started. Please give us a call at 1.800.727.4715 or learn more about scrip fundraising for your organization on our support pages.

Looking forward to talking to you soon,

Carol Smith
Co-Founder of Great Lakes Scrip Center and happy parent who doesn’t have to send my kids out selling anymore