Thank you to every single member of the Great Lakes Scrip Center … from the most part-time to the CEO! Without the dedication of the Great Lakes employees we would not have this wonderful fundraising opportunity. You folks make our fundraising so much easier! Blessings to each and every one of you!

Nancy T
Reno, NV

Thank you so much for your quick reply! You guys have THE BEST customer service!

Barbara R
Battle Creek, MI

As usual you guys were awesome. Every order was correct and on time. I don't know how you do it, except you have exceptionally good workers. This year we had some of our biggest orders ever. It is so easy to order online. And that makes my job a lot easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope everyone has a blessed and good 2013.

Ruth Ann
Alton, IL

Great Lakes is Number 1 in my book for their great customer service! You've really ramped up the good things that you are doing for all of your customers. I hope that the holiday season goes as smoothly on the inside as it appears to be on the outside. Keep up the good work!

Kelly E
Pontiac, IL

Have I told you lately how superb the entire GLSC organization is? I need to write a letter but have no time! You definitely make my job as a coordinator much easier!

Lisa S
Tinley Park, IL

You are SO awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so impressed with Great Lakes. You folks do such a great job! Orders are always correct and on time and you even know how to save a coordinator when she doesn’t have her best day! It must be a well-oiled operation that you have going on. My hat is off to all of you! Thanks again!

Vicki K
Gresham, OR

You guys are the best and go above and beyond!! Thank you sooo much!!

Dawn P
Demotte, IN

Awesome! Can I just say.....that your company has been a delight to work with? I set up our organization and everything worked just like the online documentation said it would. Families found the same to be true. Any time I had questions, your customer service staff was very helpful and prompt with their answers. We are a very small organization compared to many that you work with, but I never felt like we didn't fit in. Thanks for being such a great company to work with!

Arvada, CA

I want to say Thank-you so much for the kind & courteous people that work @ GLSCRIP. They have helped me through the years as coordinator. You really were very patient and explained everything to make it easier. I know I couldn’t have done it without you! You guys are the BEST!

Donna D
Linwood, PA
ShopWithScrip has an amazing reputation and makes it so easy to raise funds. I get cards for my everyday needs (groceries, restaurants, clothes) and cards as gifts for everyone and everything (incredible selection of businesses), all while raising money so we can continue to support our local performances. ShopWithScrip allows everyone to win!

Laura H.

I love SCRIP! I don't have to sell anything, and I can still benefit our school. I LOVE the ShopWithScrip.com online ordering and ScripNow. I sing the praises of Scrip to any school family I come in contact with.

Jill B.

Scrip not only helps our school but also helps our families. By using scrip for their normal, day-to-day shopping, parents can earn big rebates toward their children's tuition. And by inviting family and friends to join them, their rebates can add up even faster. We love ScripNow and PrestoPay! These features have doubled our participation!

Patty B.

I don't live very close to our school, so by using ShopWithScrip it is easier for me to participate. Using PrestoPay is just icing on the cake because I don't have to send checks to school.

Susan H.

Reloads are awesome. No multiple cards in your purse cluttering up. Just reload to gas/grocery every week and you're ready to shop!

Nicole S.

The fact that I can make as many purchases as I want at one time and pay for it straight out of my checking account with PrestoPay and it only costs me fifteen cents is OUTSTANDING. My family is currently earning $50 every month for our sons band account, simply buying the gas and groceries we do every week! PRICELESS!!!

Wayne M.

ShopWithScrip has changed and gotten even easier to use than ever before! PrestoPay makes ScripNow and ReloadNow instant ways to shop and help both the school and the family out. The Scrip software program is fantastic and Great Lakes Scrip Center's service is awesome. This is a win-win program! Just wish everyone realized what a terrific and EASY program this is! Thank You!

Patty H.