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The Everyday Way to Make an Impact

It’s the convenient way to fundraise for your organization: using gift cards to turn everyday shopping into earnings. Scrip is the #1 gift card fundraiser in the U.S. with 50,000+ organizations that have raised $800 million for what matters to them.
Use gift cards to earn on gas, groceries, eating out, clothes—the list goes on. It’s easy, it’s rewarding, and it fits right into your busy schedule.

Earn in 3 simple steps


1. Shop brands you love

Shop gift cards from your favorite brands. You can even add money online to keep earning with reloadable cards you already have.


2. Buy gift cards

Buy eGift cards to use on the spot. Gift cards are delivered to your coordinator to personally hand out. Both types of cards are worth face value and not a penny less.


3. Earn for what matters

Brands offer earnings up to 20% of a gift card’s face value, so they add up fast. In fact, a single family can earn $1,000 or more every year for the things they love. You always earn immediately—you don’t have to wait until you use the gift card.

750+ top brands offer gift cards that give back