FAQs: Learn more about our new mobile app, RaiseRight

July 22, 2020

It’s an exciting day because RaiseRight is officially here. If you have questions about the benefits of the app, or want to know more about continuing to use MyScripWallet.com and ShopWithScrip.com, see the FAQs.

What makes the app a better way to earn?

  • It’s easy to find, download, and use on-the-go. No more explaining, just tell people to go to the App Store.

  • Use your same ShopWithScrip sign-in information and all of your information is already there.

  • Easily browse brands offering bonus earnings and know when the offer ends.

  • Easier login with biometrics.

  • More robust search capability that gets you to the brand you want, faster.

  • Gift cards and payment information automatically transfer to the app.

  • Discover new earning opportunities every day.

  • Add brands you love to your Favorites for faster shopping.

  • Manage your gift cards in one place: your Wallet. Track balance, access your gift card even when you’re offline, and more.

Is there a fee to use the app?
No. It’s free to download right from the app store, for both Apple/iOS and Android/Google. 

Why is there a new name for the mobile app?
A mobile app was the #1 request from our families, along with a name that better describes what we offer, something easier than “Scrip.” The name RaiseRight is clear, simple, and says what it delivers—it’s simply the right way to fundraise. And it’s easy to make it personal when promoting to your organization. RaiseRight – simply the right way to fundraise for <insert your organization name here>.  For promoting, we have also maintained a connection through the RaiseRight by ShopWithScrip logo that can be used in all of your communications.

Can I still use MyScripWallet.com? 
For now, yes. The RaiseRight app will replace MyScripWallet.com later this year because the app is a better experience and easier to use. You’ll receive updates when the date gets closer so you have time to prepare. All of your information in MyScripWallet is in the app, just download and use.

Can I continue to use ShopWithScrip.com?
Yes. Your sign-in and account information are the same for ShopWithScrip.com and our mobile app, RaiseRight. You can use both—choose the most convenient one in the moment. Remember, you get exclusive earning opportunities in the app.