Free Shipping When You Shop Landry's, Inc.

March 18, 2017
You can save on shipping when your organization orders Landry's, Inc. scrip! From March 25 - 31, if your organization order includes at least $150 combined in Landry's, Inc. physical cards or ScripNow®*, your organization's GLSC order will ship for FREE. All of our shipping methods are eligible for this promotion, including FedEx Ground, FedEx Standard Overnight, and FedEx Priority Overnight.

Make sure your families know to order their Landry's Inc. scrip starting March 25. Click here to find a location near you, and families can click here to order Landry's, Inc. scrip. Save money on shipping and make your scrip rebates count for more!

* ScripNow paid for by check and rolled up by the coordinator will be counted towards the $150 total in Landry's, Inc. on the organization's order. ScripNow paid for with PrestoPay™ goes through automatically with no shipping charge, and will not count for the promotion.