Tailor Your Scrip Shopping with Special Orders!

May 12, 2016
Scrip shopping isn't one size fits all - we understand sometimes you need to make big purchases, or just give a small "thank you." Fortunately, in addition to our wide selection of scrip products, we can also work with some retailers we currently carry to place special orders for larger or smaller denominations that are not normally available.
Special orders are great for bigger purchases like summer home improvement projects, and smaller denominations are an excellent choice for graduation parties and teacher gifts. 
If you're interested in placing a special order, please contact your coordinator to take the next step. Special orders must be placed through your coordinator, and cannot be placed directly through ShopWithScrip.
Please keep the following in mind when considering a special order:
  • Special orders can only be placed for a limited selection of retailers GLSC currently carries. Ask your coordinator to find out the special order policies of any retailers you're interested in.
  • All retailers require a $500 (face value) minimum for special orders, and some require more.
  • The lead time for special orders will generally be longer than GLSC's typical turnaround times, and may be as long as two weeks. Your coordinator can tell you the turnaround time to expect for the particular brand you order.
  • Special orders are non-stock items and cannot be returned to GLSC.
  • You may be able to get the denominations you need in printable ScripNow® eCards.  When you order ScripNow, you'll receive your eCards much faster and you won't have to pay shipping. VisitShopWithScrip.com to see if the brands you're interested in are available.