Congratulations to Our MyScripWallet Promotion Winners!

June 13, 2016
Thanks to everyone who participated in our MyScripWallet promotion! Our generous participating retailers paid for the winning orders of the following lucky families:

Sally G., CA

Diane T., IL

Jackie K., WI

Kelly L., IL 

Tyler M., FL

Paula N., CA 

Siobhan M., IN

Kelsey L., IA 

Timberly R., AR

Cristine L., MI

Kate W., MI

Gretchen D., GA 

Janelle H., CA

Jessica S., OH 

Patti B., MI

Lori D., WI

Nadine B., PA

Eredi P., OR

Darla S., SD

Janice K., PA

Danielle H., MI

Susan Q., MN

Nancy T., ND
Thanks to everyone who participated! Watch your email and keep an eye on our ShopWithScrip Facebook page for announcements of more upcoming promotions!