Reduce the Risk of Credit Card Fraud with Scrip

January 29, 2016
How often do you pay for anything with cash or checks anymore? Many people have started using credit and debit cards for all their shopping because they’re quick and convenient, not to mention one of the only ways to shop online.
But there’s a downside to using credit cards: the more you swipe that card, the more places your information is stored, and credit card fraud is a bigger concern than ever. In the last few years, the number of data breaches has increased, compromising the accounts of over a billion shoppers. Many companies are working hard to increase their security and provide better protection for your data, but it’s a slow process, and hackers are finding new ways to get around that protection just as quickly.
What can you do to protect yourself? Well, if you’re already a scrip shopper that’s a step in the right direction! Shopping with gift cards doesn’t leave you vulnerable the same way credit cards do, since they aren’t connected to your bank account. Not only are you supporting your organization when you shop with scrip, but you’re also safeguarding your family against fraud.